Family Mystery

I don't know anything of Richard's family other than his two kids and their moms.  Last March we went to Houston for the wknd and his daughter went with us.  I had taken spring clothing and it turned out to be a winter kind of wknd.  Her and the boys went with me for a quick run to buy weather appropriate clothes.


It was while trying on clothes the daughter tells me her Dad is from there.  I asked if she meant Houston, she said yes.  This got my curiosity going.  I had assumed he was from Dallas, and I do remember once saying something to that effect and he never corrected me.  I had questions but didn't want to ask because I didn't want her to tell her mother I was grilling her about her dad.  I did ask if she meant he was born there or raised there, she said she didn't  know where he was born but that's where he lived growing up.  When I said I had assumed he was from Dallas she said no he only went to college there and stayed because he married her brother's mom. I dropped it, even though I had more questions but thought it best not to ask.


That was forgotten until maybe two weeks later. It was late night, after the sex, when I tend to be chatty. Not sure what made me remember it, but I asked him about it.  I just simply said that I hadn't  realized he was from Houston and asked why he hadn't mentioned it.  Especially since that trip there with his daughter was the second trip down that way.  We had been there the wknd before or maybe two weeks before.  We were laying in the dark, I wasn't laying beside him, but....I could feel that his body had tensed up, he didn't answer immediately.  When he finally did it was to ask where had I got that from.  I said his daughter had mentioned it and I'd forgotten to ask him about it.  He asked me what else his daughter had told me and I said that was it.  He was silent, we both were.  I finally said that he hadn't answered the question about being from Houston....he said what did it matter.  Damn! It was a yes or no question.  Irritated, he mentioned a Houston suburb and asked me to please drop it.  I did.


Sometime last week after one of the 'Joule' convos.  I told him when the time came I'd reveal my choice, we could have the baby name discussion.  I added that as much as I liked the name I'd chosen that IF he wanted to honor his mother, grandmother or maybe a favorite aunt by naming our daughter after them that that would be fine by me.  Naming her after one of them would trump any other name.  He said that wouldn't be happening, when I asked for his mother's name he said it didn't matter Girly wouldn't be named after her.  To that he added if I wanted to name her after my mom that would be ok by him.  UM, no 'Satan' doesn't go with his last name...


So anyway, he doesn't speak of his family.  I do know he has at least one brother.  He once in talking about some group he liked he said he and his brother had driven to Denver to see them in concert years ago.  I asked if the bro was older than him, all he said was that he (Richard) was the middle child.  So I guess he has at least one other sibling.


I suppose someday he'll tell me what the deal is. It is weird though because he is into my family, as dysfunctional as we are :( so it's not as if he's the loner type.  I can't even imagine what it could be.

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Comments (2)

  1. noahbody

    He may have bad blood between him and his family. Perhaps he, like me, was the black sheep of the family.

    August 11, 2017
  2. Bettymom

    It sounds like you’ll be picking up little tidbits about his past for years. Sounds interesting!

    August 11, 2017